Saturday, August 16, 2014

Do You Know why we celebrate Janmastmi?

Janmastmi is among the most celebrated festival among Hindus across the world. We all know that Janmastmi is on 17th August, but do we know the significance of it?
Let’s know the significance of Janmastmi, it goes back in decades when Shree. Krishna was born. Do you know why he had to take birth? Do you know why we Offer pooja to Shree Krishna? All this questions amalgamate to interesting facts of Shree Krishna.
So, let’s know about it in detail, Shree Krishna, the 8th child of d incarnated in Mathura in kan’s prison.
Lord Krishna was born to free the earth from all kinds of evil and its sources. He was entitled to kill all the demons on this earth. He was born on the eighth day of Krishna Paksha in the month of Sravana
According to Hindu mythology, he was exchanged with the baby girl child of Yashodha and Nand. This was done to save him from the clutches of his maternal uncle Kansa who was determined to kill the Lord at the time of his birth. Hence, Kansa had also imprisoned his sister and brother-in-law. But eventually, Lord Krishna killed Kansa and saved Mathura.

He was fond of flute, the flute resembles freedom from all the evils, and here is the glimpse of that flute.

From then on, people celebrate every year birthday of the Lord. It is said that when the God was born, there was turmoil in the nature to symbolize the fury and turmoil in the city of Mathura as well as in every heart. This also signifies that Divine power had come on earth to relieve everyone. So, such is the significance of Janmashtami. The God even spread the message of kinship and fraternity. He stressed ‘karma’. He also advised Arjun during the battle of Mahabharata.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Old is really gold…

India is diversifying country with huge population. India is a 2nd largest populated country in the world more than 28 states, every state and every city and every religion has their own specialty. In terms of food, wearing clothes, rituals and etc. but all caste of men’s has a common traditional wear that is Dhoti and kurta or pyjama and kurta.

Earlier men used to wear pyjama or dhoti and kurta daily. Now with the change in time men started wearing formals pants and Shirt in day to day life. But still occasionally do men wear a traditional dress on weddings, while visiting temples or attending the Yoga classes! Earlier Mens Kurta was very simple and mainly of white color.

Traditional Saga
Now kurta are of many types some are the long ones, the short ones, the embroidered ones and also the pure white ones. All credit goes to the fashion designers of India. Mens Kurta is always very comfortable to wear. On Sunday’s and on national holiday men’s specially wears a white color Kurta and pajama. Some men also wear kurta and jeans. In wedding or traditional function men wear a heavy and colorful kurta. Now Mens Kurta are available in many styles some of them are Bol Bachchan style kurta, Pathani Kurti, Fabindia men green embroided kurta, Shree Men Burgundy long kurta, and so on. Bol Bachahan kurta are now on demand and latest fashion.

This kurta is very comfortable to wear and give a smart look to all mens. This kurta has two pockets in this front side and stylish buttons. Diiferent colours are available in the market. The fabric utilized for making this kurta is 100% cotton. Pathani Kurti is all time favourti for all mans. It has a long kurta and on that short Jacket. Pattani kurta can be wored in any party function or day to day life also. Normally muslims caste wear pattani kurta daily. Different colours are available. And fabric used for this kurta is 100% cotton. Fabindia men green embroided kurta has a mandarin collar with short buttoned placket, long sleeves, and pockets on either side at the waist. Normally mens wear this kind of kurta with denim jeans. It is a kind of Indo – Western style. Men’s long kurta are always wore in summer and gives a casual look with its mandarin collar, long sleeves, half buttoned placket, patch pocket at left chest, insert pocket at sides.

There are many types of Kurta for mens available in the market of different style and colour. Now day’s people like to wear the kurta’s rather than wearing formals. Men’s looks good and handsome only in traditional look that in kurta. it is always said OLD is GOLD whatever new fashion come but old wearing of man will always be on top list of each men. The comfort as well as trendy look can be given only by wearing our traditional clothes that is Mens Kurta.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

“Awesome printed leggings from shopveda…”

For most of the last several years printed leggings for women have been a hit. There has been no center floor on emotions that are pretty neutral with regards to leggings at all either. Nevertheless, as far as designer are involved, they've started to create a much needed reappearance and are steadfastly becoming well-known among females who choose to put on them. 

Generally though, the overall picture with many females is that they do not have the correct knowledge about how to put on those leggings below the Kurtis from India and have thus shunned them rather than give them the reasonable chance that they are entitled to. These women unintentionally fail and mismatch the wrong outfits with them, and then end up with outfits that might seem uncomfortable without them realizing. On the other hand, some females believe that their age is not sufficient enough for dressed in tights. Such a thing can't be any further from the fact. If a lady is assured about her age and the way that she looks then it is just excellent for them to go for leggings.

In particular, many providers like veda kurtas have developed their designs of printed leggings for women. Being quite a continual product and with many providers of tights, they are simple enough to modify the printed design of the legging seasonally in order to evolve to styles.  This implies that stores can always stock tights but basically modify the printing of them. 

A wide range of designs have now been developed by shopveda dealing in kurtis for Inida is available on the industry that is developed to help pull the person dressed in them in and cover up any undesirable lumps and mounds. These spanx like tights of course will help the person dressed in them to look thinner. Whilst leg use preserves a needy content, it could be recommended that the tights basically the person dressed in them feel thinner rather than actually developing the preferred look. However, as well a couple of printed leggings for women can have a raising and sculpting factor to them. The limited framework can help to raise areas that may be less beautifully shaped than others.
As well as preferred weight losing results, the legging outfits have several other advantages. Being a simple outfit they can be used on a wide range of events. 

Most females like to put on tights to the gym but they can also be clothed up for night time out or other events. Superstars such as Kim Kardashian have lately made popular designs such as set or wet look leg use and these have been seen to fly off the racks. Leggings of course can be used by thinner numbers, but are also highly sought after with curvier ladies who might not want to show their full feet.

Conclusively, it is true that tights can help the whole body to appear thinner whilst having other additional benefits of wearing.

“Designer Kurtas are the ideal ones to wear during all the occasions…”

Designer kurtas is one of the most conventional clothing for the Oriental men. With its source in Indian, it is these days used all across the world mainly in Parts of asia like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Even many european men too love to put on this conventional India clothing mainly due to its actual convenience, rich cultural attraction and eye-catching looks.

Short kurta for men is actually such clothing which can create a man of anybody look macho and eye-catching. So whether you are slim or you are on the more healthy side of the range, whether you are created with an excellent size or are a little bit brief, and a perfectly designed and well padded kurta has the ability to create a slim man look durable, while concealing the undesirable belly of a healthy man. In the same way, it can create you look high if you have a brief prominence, while making an already high man look extremely appeasing and eye-catching.

Typically, a standard designer kurtas is such clothing that can be used as official, informal and even evening use. In reality many India guys and men still prefer the kurtas as their favorite party wear.
Kurtas instantly boosts the elegance style of a man in matter of just a few minutes of dressed in. However, in the style smart community of ours, kurta has gone through many changes to come into its new character of newest style mens kurtas on the internet.

Today, with the introduction of online marketplace and accessibility to big brands like shopveda on the internet, you can easily buy short kurta for men on the internet from the best kurta brand i.e. shopveda. There are a huge number of web portals that sell ethnic, organic wears online on webosphere. 

Of all the kurtas portal, shopveda is one such brand on web  that offer a vast wide range of newest style India cultural use on the internet such as kurtas, short kurta for men, Kids kurtas,  Leggings, Designer kurtis, tees, shirts, etc..

The best thing about purchasing from shopveda is the discount, it is the only portal that offers excellent discount rates on select products and events but also is the most genuine place to buy kurta on the internet. The quality of mens kurtas on the internet at severity style is truly excellent and distribution too is immediate.

So if you are one of those convenience smart men who don't want to bargain on their convenience when it comes to putting on a costume up for some official occasion, the newest style is mens kurtas which make them look elegant to the core.

Friday, June 21, 2013

“Dabu printing for kids kurtas makes them look awesome...”

Daboo is a black mud found in few river beds of India.  It involves two artisans out of which, one’s job is to keep stamping and other guy helps in mixing and adding lime water to get the required consistency right for printing. This mud with other natural substances is labourously made into a smooth paste. This paste is used in printing. Daboo acts like a resist in printing similar to wax printing in Batik print. This paste has a shelf life of only one day. Thus every day in the morning artisans prepare this paste as much required. This art is unique because nowhere in the world is this process carried out other than India.
We at Veda help support and encourage good craftsmanship. In our endeavor to keep this ancient rare art of printing alive, our team is working on creating contemporary designs in a quest to generate demand in turn empowering our artisans get a quality livelihood. After extensive research and visits to small pockets of villages around India, we noticed that this art which used to be passed on from generations to generation is slowly fading off. Today’s youth was not interested to continue this exquisite art forward. Thus we took this as a challenge to not just sustain this art but also created an immense demand for it and initialized with kurtasfor kids, men, and women. was ventured with the main idea to showcase this art to the world. In our 12 yrs path we have achieved success in lifting this art to another level. Artisans are a part of our expanding family. We realized that you our esteemed customers would be interested to know more about this exquisite art of printing. We take the honor to showcase few of our artisans performing the art of printing at different stages. By the way don’t miss to check out an innovative artisan using a floppy disc.

Kids kurtas | Veda KurtasBefore starting with anything with regards to kurtas for kids, let’s know what is dabu?

Every design that’s generated by the process of dabu printing for kids kurtas gets unique design in some manner, various color combinations and intricacy of design makes it as an exclusive piece of art and that is why it tempts people to go for kurtas for kids with unique prints as the design would be very unique and you won’t find those similar designs elsewhere. We are very proud to say that the wavelength of shopveda has been positive right from the beginning just because of the unique concept of serving the world in an organic way.

“A step forward in creating sustainable fashion…”

Kurtis from India
Designer Kurtis For Women

Veda was founded with the strong belief to keep the vast and diverse craft traditions of India alive. This art was not much in demand due to lack of design aesthetics. To recreate demand, we needed a medium to expose the young talented designers to this traditional art. Thus we thought about imparting deep knowledge about natural dyes and its applications to young talented designers designing designer kurtis for women, which would lucratively increase the statistics of the craft traditions of India in a positive way that would help us sustain the cultural beauty of India.

To achieve that, we researched most of the rural sectors in India and understood these vast and diverse craft traditions of India. Primitively, this art was restricted among the family hierarchy only. After lot of perseverance we managed to specialize in natural dyes for kurtis from India theoretically and practically.

Now we are able to achieve the goal by blending this indigenous traditional craft technique with scientific research to train the designers. They would now have the capabilities to create the organic clothing line for a much demanding eco-consciousness base worldwide with regards to Designer kurtis for women and other clothes printed organically by using dabu print mechanism.
In today’s time of global warming, our little contribution would definitely make a huge change for a greener planet to live in. Our designer kurtis for women are designed by the experts and the same is printed organically which is than distributed worldwide through our e-commerce portal Also, our support would encourage god craftsmanship and would lead in sustaining rural development via kurtis from India.

Shopveda is the only portal on planet earth for the organic ethnic kurtas, kurtis, tees, tunics, leggings, which are made using natural dyes, that would sooth your style and showcase the different you in front of the world. Gong organic is the best way to start the initiative for the planet earth especially India.

This was a brief on our bright vision towards the country India to sustain the culture of kurtis from India. In the next blog, we would be discussing on various processes of dabu organic printing, natural herbs used for dyeing, stages of washing, drying in fields, innovative use of floppy disc, how it is used? How people are benefited? Etc…

Let’s come together for the greener and better planet earth, let’s go organic!

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Friday, June 7, 2013

“The future fashion would be Mens kurtas!”

Cultural Use for Men has always been a piece of comprehensive attire that is specialized to create them look perfect! Indian outfits are divided into two categories: conventional & traditional wear. The official outfits are quite similar to the European wear while the traditional Indian outfits differ with the location, on the basis of religious beliefs and group. In India there are various designs of treatments with wide options for conventional and ethnic wear are dhotis, sherwanis and kurtas for men.
Traditional Kurtas for Men
On the internet, kurtas for men has now become a future pattern that fits the needs of individuals all over the globe. Men are active enough in their lifestyles that they don't even get a chance to shop for themselves. When a solution of internet purchasing came into picture it created an era to shop for everything online. Anyone can now shop without wasting their precious time just for purchasing cloths, they can sit right there in their workplaces and order outfits as per their specifications just with a few mouse clicks.

When it comes to different designs of mens kurtas, they are now looking for the outfits which are in the newest design. Clothes for men previously were not of a problem but now the men are coming into the female’s era of putting on a costume up and being stylish. There are numerous websites on the internet also the digital labeled shops that give broad range of variety in the outfits and components for men. Men can choose from the size, color, and design to the content of fabric they want for their outfits.

 Many online portals are now looking for the men design wear and are showcasing the men wear in their portals in which the slam was used to be decided by the women designs. Gents design is more than just the aesthetics; it is an expression of an person's personality. A messily clothed man is not even seemed upon in evaluation to someone who is tidily and beautifully clothed. The latter is realized a man, well-mannered and positioned. Design and style let individuals know if you are serious about yourself or not. For example the way you outfit on a job meeting informs companies if you might create a good worker or not. That's how the individuals are assessed these days, simply on the platform of their outfit’s sense. 

So let it be the attractive man in blazer or the man in conventional wear all his needs are satisfied by the internet retailers. There are many websites that particularly serve the men specifications of outfits like kurtas for men which is now assisting to distribute the India lifestyle to different nations.